Corporate Video

Blue World studies intensively the world of entrepreneurship, finance, and media relations. We understand the need to advertise and hence encourage a visual revelation for you, our client. Success is “transmission:” Transmission is translating your message in a relatable form that accents the essence of your company and projects it towards the most profitable audience. Blue World will sit with you and ask those pertinent questions to better understand the core of your trade. We will eagerly study your business and hone in on your transmission. To grasp your vigor and your drive to expand and prosper satiates our hunger to parent a plan for you. Blue World will work hands on to put forth a photogenic foundation that will motor your company down the road of success and keep your tank full.


Music Video

Music videos! We are always excited to do them! Music is the gateway to the emotional nucleus of everyone’s experiences. Music harmonizes memories and Memories Bridge those gaps in our life that allows us to sit back, ponder and purely feel. Blue World Productions zestfully pursues this art. Bring on your ensemble, your reggae band, or your garage band; we look forward to listening to your voice. We love music and its many forms! So don’t be shy, feel free to come out, jam and play us your new tune. We would love to attend your soul, your compositions, and let us spice them up with a visual montage that arouses viewers to feel its palette of emotions that reside within us.


Social Documentary

Documentaries are the most important avenues to understanding culture, world dynamics, social media, or just plain human beings doing extraordinary things. We honor all types of these docs. We can participate in outlining a sequence of visual essays with the direction of our screenwriting staff that can aid in highlighting this noteworthy phenomenon. Blue World will also be there to facilitate pre-production into production and ultimately package your documentary into a feasible format that can easily be viewed and played to broadcast your documentary to diverse audiences.


Film & Video Production

Blue World Productions covers the globe in all forms of networking. Our first T.V. show called World Leaders searches for answers in our ever-changing political climate. Our enthusiasm reaches into all spheres of communication as we aspire to be a leader ourselves in telling stories from alternate perspectives. At Blue World we do not limit ourselves. We search for answers and by doing so we tap into the wellsprings that heighten our trade as filmmakers. We welcome storytellers and their thirst to unearth the peculiar quandaries of our existence. Blue World Productions can shoot film and video. Just let us know how you want your story to be told.



Commercials are the heartbeat that vibrates with the consumer. They can be serious, light-hearted, comical, or informative. At Blue World Productions we enjoy this mission because it keeps us on our toes. The very idea that your pitch has to resonate long after it was exposed to the world is an art form that takes imagination, foresight and business savoy. We encourage our clients to tour these features, while we help facilitate the practicalities that can put your ideas into motion. If your industry is a non-profit one, small business, or a corporate entity we will be honored to help deliver a message that leaves a lasting imprint on us, the consumer.



Webisodes are creeping into the framework of media that gives storytellers a new canvas to paint on. Is this a future for filmmakers? We believe so! Blue World Productions is prepared to exploit this channel. We treasure opportunities to kindle your imagination, aspirations, and thrust them into this conduit, the Internet. The Internet and its ever-growing media outlet are imminent and at Blue World Productions we take pride in knowing that the future is yours!



about Blue World

Blue World Productions, LLC. (Blue World.) is a production company established in Washington DC, with team members located in California and France. Our goal is clear: To capture your spirit, your outlook, your aspirations and convert them to a visual image of your message.” Blue World is a thorough digital news, multimedia, and film, incorporating the drive, expertise and experience to achieve the results that reflect you, the client.